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Monday, November 14, 2005

Summery of “On K Street Conservatism,” by George F. Will of Newsweek, October 17, 2005

It all started in December 2001 and it all started wilt the detrimental School lunches of NCLB. It has been all bills and no vetoes ever since. NCLB (No Child Left Behind) “intruded the federal government deeply into the state of local responsibility of education…” Prescription-drug benefit to Medicare. Perverse agriculture subsidies. Terri Schiavo. Transportation bills. Katrina. G.W. Bush has had a atrocious case of veto-idious since being elected in 2000. He is the first President in the United States of America in 176 years to serve a full term without vetoing anything. Bush isn’t afraid of pork; in fact he loves it, just look at that transportation bill. Reagan vetoed it because the pork was too thick. G. W. Bush passed it, $24 billion. Add another 6,371 pieces of pork to that, and it only comes out to about $286 billion. Katrina? New Orleans sat below sea level and shouldn’t receive a penny because of that simple fact. And then there was DeLay. The guy knows less about limited government than a camel knows calculus. Some Republicans think, “big government is good government if it’s our government.” Republicans are starting to become a very good synonym for rent seeking, all of that thanks to their leadership. Will concludes with “Conservatives are not supposed to be cuddly, or even particularly nice. They are, however, supposed to be competent. And to know that scarcity-of money, virtue, wisdom, competence, everything-forces choices. Furthermore, they are supposed to have an unsentimental commitment to meritocracy and excellence. The fact that none of those responsible for the postwar planning, or lack thereof, in Iraq have been sacked suggests-no, screams-that in Washington today there is no serious penalty for serious failure. Hence the multiplication of failures.

He is right! Government has gotten way too big and fat and lazy, like one of my uncles who can’t get a job. I thought government was, in the minds of republicans, thought to more efficient when it is small and in the tiny hands of locals. I’m just glad that USU is following suit. I pay for the computer labs and don’t know how to type (my little brother was forced to type this up). I’m legally blind yet am forced to pay that obese athletic fee (It’s great to have you in class Blake, but I’m just too poor to be paying for your education). I stole a scooter but still have to pay a portly bus fee. When will it stop? Why do we have to pay for things that we are not using? USU and chubby Uncle Sam are loosing out on votes. I hope my parents will look at my failing grades like Big Brother would-after a light slap on the wrist; they would take me out to the King China Buffet.


At 3:04 PM, Blogger unum said...

I'm not sure what to say seeing you post this. Other than if you are ever involved in a campainge against government money going to private companies let me know. I'll be right there with you fighting against it.

I just sent two emails to democrats in Massachussetts complaining about them trying to block a Republican intiative to create competition for the software market in the state.

Too bad it's so hard for people who are not corrupt to get in power. I'm disappointed with anyone who voted for the two main presidential canidates in the last election. Where's Teddy Roosevelt when you need him?


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